The Science Department is the largest department in the School comprised of a highly experienced team of Science teachers. 


Members of Department: 

Mr Ciaran Connolly (Head of Department)

Mrs Fionnuala Tennyson (Head of 6th form)

Mrs Sheelagh Mc Connell (KS4 Year Head)

Miss Caitriona McCall (Head of KS3)

Ciara Burnett (Year 9 Year Head)

Mrs Jacqueline McGee (SENCO)

Mrs Bernadette Gorman

Mrs Fionnuala Devlin

Mrs Noeleen Corrigan

Mrs Caroline Crowe

Mrs Mary Mc Cann

Mr Martin Mc Carron

Dr Caroline Pereira-Lynch

Mrs Claire O’Neill

Mrs Lynn Moorehead (Technician)

Miss Tara Mc Carville (Technician)


The main aims of the Science Department are to:

  • Make Science ‘Fun’
  • Stimulate pupils’ curiosity
  • Help pupils reach their full potential
  • Inform pupils about careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
  • Develop pupils’ thinking skills


At St Catherine’s College we offer all three Sciences: Chemistry, Biology and Physics across all the Key Stages. 

Key Stage 3: In Years 8 – 10 pupils study a range of topics from the three Science disciplines, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The Key Stage 3 curriculum has been designed to allow pupils to experience a wide range of practical work and group activity.

Key Stage 4: The Science Department offers two GCSE courses as listed below.

Single Award Science

Pupils study 3 modules, Chemistry, Biology and Physics, they sit 3 exams and complete one unit of coursework spread over the two years. This is worth one GCSE grade and can be completed at Higher or Foundation Tier.

Double Award Science

Pupils Study three Sciences at either Higher or Foundation Tier. They are awarded two GCSE grades and will sit 6 exams plus one unit of coursework over the two years. Generally, pupils have three Science teachers, one for each discipline. 

AS and A Level

The Science Department offer the three traditional Sciences at AS and A Level; Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In 2006 the Department have introduced a fourth A Level course, Applied Science. This course is aimed at students who do not want to specialise in the traditional Science A Levels but who want to continue studying Science post GCSE. So far the course has been very successful and remains popular with students. A number of teachers are responsible for delivering this course. 

Extra Curricular activities in the Science Department

  • Science Club
  • Astronomy Club
  • GCSE and A Level revision class

Success in Science

 We are extremely proud of our academic record with all our GCSE and A Level courses producing pupil results above the NI average A* - C.

 'Better than the best’ 


Double Award Science


Single Award Science

A-Level Science

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